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Water Heaters Grants Pass

Water Heater Service


A broken water heater can be a homeowners’ worst nightmare. Maybe you were getting ready for the day and had to take a frigid shower, or your hot water faucets just aren’t as hot as they used to be. We fix, maintain, and install water heaters in Grants Pass and many surrounding communities.

Water heaters account for 14-25 percent of a homeowners’ utility expenses. We keep your older model in good order, preventing wasted resources. We install energy efficient new models that use fewer resources to heat up the same amounts of water.

Be sure to ask us about tax credits on new water heaters.

Water Heater Repair

Please call us immediately at (541) 476-0724 ‎ if you suspect problems with your water heater, or notice any of the following:

  • Leaks from your water heater.
  • Water coming out the sides.
  • Low rumble or high pitched noises.
  • No hot water at all.
  • Your water’s not hot enough or it runs out very quickly.

Emergency, after-hours repair available.

Water Heater Installation

We’re proud to offer quality models, plus parts and labor guarantees on all new water heaters. Consider a water heater replacement for any of the following reasons:

  • New, tankless water heaters use less energy, enabling families to save on their monthly energy expenses.
  • You can enjoy hot water for far longer stretches of time. With the right model, you can take in a hot shower even if you’re third in line or someone else just washed the dishes.
  • You can add resale value to your home, as real estate agents use tankless water heaters as a selling point.

Please call us a (541) 476-0724 ‎for options in the various top models we service.


Make the Most of Your Water Heater

As plumbing experts, we install water heaters not just for homes in Grants Pass , but also for apartments, multi-family housing, offices, retail, and all other establishments. We’ll help you find a suitable model, so you don’t overpay for more capacity than you need, or face problems later with an underpowered unit.

Through proper installation, service, and repairs, you can maintain water heaters for 10 to 15 years.

Whatever your need, please call Michaels Plumbing at  (541) 476-0724 ‎ . We go far beyond Grants pass, servicing suburban and rural communities throughout Josephine and Jackson County. Please call us if you’re not sure whether we can service your home or business.